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Motherhood Meets Medicine

Apr 14, 2021

Our guest expert today is Megan Tantillo. Megan is a nurse health coach and founder of Holistic Health Code, an online health coaching practice for women and families. Megan helps women set and achieve health goals, navigate the health system, and get the most out of their health care. She believes that health care should be holistic and rooted in science. Megan is also finishing up her final semester for her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. 


Megan and I are talking all about preconception planning and important things to think about when trying for a baby. This conversation can apply to you whether you’re planning your first baby or fifth baby. Megan is a special person in my life because she helped coach me through a time in my life when I was having multiple miscarriages and issues with my cycles. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • What preconception planning and care is
  • How women can figure out when they are ovulating
  • Understanding your cycle phases and using it to work with your body rather than against it
  • The steps women should take when thinking about getting pregnant
  • Ovulation kits and whether or not they work
  • Conception for women in their 30s and above
  • Recommended supplements to take when you are trying to get pregnant


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