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Motherhood Meets Medicine

May 5, 2021

As your baby reaches the age of 4-6 months, one of the hottest topics is how to best introduce solids. Should you stick with purees or go straight to baby led weaning? Today, Abbie Gacke is here to discuss all the topics around solid foods. We’ll look at when to start them and how to start them. Which foods do you start with? Do we need to give wait time each time a new food is introduced? When is a feeding evaluation warranted? Will rice cereal help my baby with reflux? Abbie is answering all of the questions and more.


Abbie is a wife and mom of two young boys living in the Midwest. She is a speech language pathologist and certified lactation counselor (CLC) with speciality training in breastfeeding/lactation counseling, infant feeding disorders, and childhood feeding difficulties. She started her career in the suburbs of Chicago where she gained specialized experience working with children with various feeding and swallowing difficulties. Those experiences solidified her passion in the area of feeding and swallowing and she loves getting the opportunity to help families feel empowered when it comes to feeding their child!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Signs that your baby may have a tongue tie
  • The biggest indicators that babies are ready for solid foods
  • Baby led weaning vs. puree feeding
  • When to know if your child might need a feeding evaluation
  • Recommendations on bottles, pacifiers, and cups


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